Welcome to Spiral Freezers
Packaged Stainless Steel Spiral Freezers are continuous food processing freezers designed to minimize product weight loss and to provide gentle handling of product during the freezing process. Designed to freeze prepared or raw food products, they can be delivered packaged or in sections and welded together on site. All seam welding on both interior and exterior surfaces meets sanitation code requirements and approvals for meat and food plant to either USDA or other standards advised by the customer.

Assembled on Site

Continuous in-line spiral belt freezers are fully factory assembled, tested, and disassembled into components to be easily shipped to site for re-assembly. Frame and Belt supports are constructed with stainless steel. Strict quality control standards are followed and maintained.

We understand the changing demands placed upon your business. We offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of your business and production requirements. We assess your needs and offer a service to suit. Solutions also focus on energy saving, environmental issues and legislation